Escondido Warns Businesses of Bogus Fire Inspections

The Escondido Fire Department is warning local businesses of a scam that involves people posing as fire inspectors and charging for their fake services.

According to officials, the bogus inspection scam works like this: unknown individuals show up at a local business and claim the Escondido Fire Department sent them there to conduct an inspection.

After walking around the premises for the so-called inspection, the scammers give a bill to the business charging them for the service.

The Escondido Fire Department said real inspections by their department are conducted by the agency’s uniformed personnel. If there’s ever a fee involved, officials said an invoice will come directly from the City of Escondido.

Residents or business owners who feel they’ve fallen prey to this scam should contact the Escondido Fire Department at (760) 839-5400.

The bogus fire inspections case is under investigation. No arrests have been made.

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