WATCH: Bodycam Video Released in Shooting Outside Harbor Police Headquarters


The Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department released video Thursday from earlier this month where Harbor police officers shot a man, leaving him in critical condition, after he allegedly drew a weapon outside their headquarters.

The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. on April 10 at Harbor Police Headquarters located at 3380 North Harbor Drive when the man, identified as Eric Medina, 29, parked in front of the building.

A security camera captured Medina exiting his car and walking up to the front entrance of the building where he uses a callbox. In addition to using the callbox, Medina appears to be speaking with someone on his phone.

After knocking on the locked front doors of the building, Medina tries to use the callbox again where he connects with a dispatcher. An officer answers and Medina asks if someone could help him out front.

The dispatcher asks, "Sure what can we do for you?" Medina then walks away, and the officer on the other line again asks, "Sir, what do you need?"

That is when Officer Macmaster begins to walk outside to assist. Before Macmaster made it outside, Medina drove his car and pulled up in front of the police station. After Macmaster makes verbal contact with Medina, he asks if Medina needed to talk to an officer, Medina said yes and allegedly pointed a black pistol at Macmaster through his open driver's-side window, prompting the lawman to retreat, take cover behind a pillar and radio his colleagues.

Police told NBC 7 a 29-year-old man drove to the front of the Harbor Police Headquarters located at 3380 North Harbor Drive and called police through the callbox in front of the building asking for police assistance. NBC 7's Jackie Crea reports.

While awaiting backup, Macmaster shouted at the suspect to drop the weapon and put his hands up, at which point Medina allegedly pointed the pistol at him again.

Macmaster reacted by opening fire on Medina. Sergeant Ferraioli then came outside and began shooting at the suspect, and Lieutenant Banuelos discharged his service firearm from inside the lobby of the building, according to Harbor Police officials.

Wounded by "several'' gunshots, Medina dropped the weapon and was taken into custody, according to an SDHP statement.

Paramedics took the suspect to a trauma center, where he was admitted in critical condition. Medina was arraigned in the hospital last week on charges of assault with a deadly weapon on peace officers. He has since been transferred to San Diego Central Jail, where he is being held without bail pending trial.

The Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department released the video on their YouTube page. Warning: The video contains graphic imagery and or language.

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