3 Women Playing ‘Pokemon Go' Find Body in Park

The details to this story may be graphic.

Three San Diego women playing "Pokemon Go" while hiking discovered a body at a park on Thursday, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) confirmed.

The details to this story may be graphic.

SDPD got reports of a body found at approximately 2:51 p.m. on the 5500 block of Regents Road near State Route 52 in Marian Bear Park.

Amanda Titialii, Krystyl Estrada and her sister Apryl Lopez were on a hiking adventure to find pokemon and to enjoy a girls' day out.

Titialii says they were taking a different path on the trail to explore the area and to find more pokemon in the game.

"We were just walking, a couple pokemon pop up--we catch them and just go on our hike," said Estrada.

Lopez told NBC 7, she noticed the body after going through a trail and called out. 

“For me to try to grasp this reality, I thought I was not looking at something real, something that was once alive," Lopez said.

Estrada told NBC 7 she walked up to the body and thought at first she was looking at sticks. But her military training kicked in and she realized that she was seeing the decomposing remains of a body.

She called 911 and then ran back up to the top of the hiking trail to meet the police when they arrived. She told NBC 7 she thought the man may have been using the tree as a shelter before he died.

"It's large enough and he had most of his body covered beneath the tree," she said.

SDPD did not identify the man nor the cause of death but said they don't suspect foul play.

No other information was immediately available.

Earlier this week, two men fell off a cliff in Encinitas while trying to catch pokemon, according to San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies and Encinitas firefighters. The men were hospitalized with what officials described as moderate injuries.

Two men distracted while playing the “Pokemon Go” game on their phones fell down a cliff in Encinitas. NBC 7’s Liberty Zabala reports.
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