Bob Filner Statement Following Guilty Plea

Former U.S. Congressman Bob Filner’s attorney offered a prepared statement Tuesday after the former San Diego mayor pleaded guilty to three criminal charges including felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery.

Here is a transcript of the statement offered by attorney Jerry Coughlin.

“This was Mr. Filner’s chance to put all of this behind him. The chance to put into action and continue the ongoing rehabilitation that he has begun. His conduct he admitted in court and has admitted was inappropriate, over the top and today admitted was criminal.

Mr. Filner profusely apologizes to each person he might have harmed and this permits the various women to put all of this behind themselves too and to know that this conduct will not occur with anybody else in the future.

Mr. Filner has a great legacy of achievement, accomplishment and service starting as a Freedom Rider in the 1960s, 20-year college professor, school board president, city councilman, Congressman and a mayor.

He does not want that legacy to be destroyed by his recent personal conduct.

This plea today is one more step to set himself on a different course to redeem himself and to let everyone know that he is sorry for his conduct.

Finally, we wish to commend the U.S. Attorney General’s office for their diligent insight, toughness – and I’m going to emphasize that – and willingness to come to a resolution which is appropriate for anyone.

As the Deputy Attorney General said, this resolution balances justice and closure. That was Mr. Filner’s goal, our goal and the Attorney General’s goal."

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