San Diego

Boater Spots Mother and Baby Whale off Sunset Cliffs

A boater off the coast of San Diego's iconic Sunset Cliffs got a peek at one of nature's wonders: a whale and a baby whale swimming in the ocean. 

The pair were spotted off the coast Wednesday morning. The call first came in as a possibly distressed whale, lifeguards said. 

Seaworld Spokesman Dave Koontz said they were made aware of the whales, but lifeguards were trying to get a better look at the situation to see if there is an issue. Seaworld is often involved in marine rescues. 

Lifeguards responded and determined neither were in any form of danger. 

"And that's right there in the kelp forest off Sunset Cliffs, a sail boater had seen this, a citizen who had no experience with it, thought it might be trapped and we were able to determine that is not the case," said Lt. John Sandmeyer with the San Diego Lifeguards, a marine expert.

At the moment, lifeguards have several whales they are keeping an eye on off the coast of San Diego, including a 50-foot long dead whale. 

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