Blue Line Trolley Service Resumes in Chula Vista

Trolley service in the South Bay resumed Tuesday after some problems with the signal crossings.

Northbound and southbound trains have been running at the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) station in Chula Vista.

For the past day or so, trolley service along a two-mile stretch south of downtown San Diego has been interrupted due to signal problems.

Buses were used to move travelers Monday night along the Blue Line trolley service  between the E Street and Iris Avenue stations.

One signal could not be used so trolleys had to travel especially slow through that section for safety reasons.

A contractor doing work on signals along the tracks did not finish the job before Monday’s commute, according to MTS officials.

But the sensors on the crossing arms seem to be working fine as of 6 a.m. Tuesday.

MTS will put out updates on their Twitter page and their website.

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