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Blue Bin: What Can and Cannot be Recycled After the Holidays

The way people shop for gifts has certainly changed over the years, with many opting to buy online rather than make in-store purchases.

Those changes are obvious to anyone in the recycling business, especially with hundreds of cardboard boxes making to recycling centers and landfills.

Blue bins in front of some local homes were overflowing with boxes, wrapping paper and plastics after Christmas. 

NBC 7 spoke to Jacob Howe, a local homeowner who told us most their Christmas presents were delivered right to their doorstep. 

"Probably all but like two," Howe said.

"[The game] was mailed," he added, speaking of the new game his family received for Christmas. "The family that sent it to us in Florida so it was just in a big box."

Howe spent some time with his family, breaking down boxes and stuffing them into their blue recycling bin.

According to Ken Prue, Recycling Program Manager for the City of San Diego, there are more material can be and are being recycled.

“It’s harder to find what you can’t recycle instead of what you can," Prue said.

When it comes to food containers, he said just a click cleaning will make it recyclable.

“If there is some remnants on there, it's good for a quick wipe, possibly a rinse or if you have some old soapy dish water, maybe just a quick dip in there," Prue added. "We don’t want you to use a bunch of water to clean it but really, just to try to get the contents out.”

He told NBC 7 that if you are recycling more than what can fit into your blue bin, you can request up to two more bins from the city, with approval. There is a $25 delivery fee but the bins are otherwise free, he said.

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