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Blame Tropical Cyclone Eugene for this week's humidity, chance of thunderstorms

Eugene has weakened into a post-tropical cyclone but San Diego can still expect its sticky humidity

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A now-tropical cyclone system near Baja California, Mexico, will increase humidity and could even bring some thunderstorms to San Diego County this week.

Post-tropical cyclone Eugene, which has weakened from a tropical storm, was hovering off the coast of Baja Monday and had a trajectory to the northwest. Along the way, the storm system will weaken until just its moisture remains, according to the National Weather Service. San Diego is expected to get its remnants by Wednesday.

"What's going to happen is it's pretty much going to die out and then some of the remnants are going to try to move in," NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen said. "Maybe late Tuesday night into Wednesday, there you see that moisture coming in from the southwest. That would be the remnants of that tropical system."

At a minimum, you'll notice an increase in cloud cover and humidity levels in the 70-80% range along the coast, the NWS said. At most, there could be some showers and thunderstorms, although the chances are low.

The shift in weather will also come with a drop in temperatures that will last through the weekend, Parveen said.

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