Black Friday Backlash

Shoppers annoyed at early sales

black friday shopping

When it comes to Black Friday, are the big retail stores messing with success?

"I think in the long run it could be a mistake," said San Diego State Marketing professor Michael Belch.  "In the long run the concept for Black Friday could go away because it has been extended."

Dana Marchant has gone shopping many times with her family early Friday morning.  But she says moving Black Friday sales to Thanksgiving day is not a good idea.

"I think you are infringing on the holiday," said Marchant, "you are missing the point of what Thanksgiving is all about."

The early holiday sales have come with controversy. 

Store employees for some major retailers have started petitions to stop the early shopping and there are threats of walk-outs. Shoppers have also complained that moving up the sales takes away from the Black Friday tradition.

"It's kind of a turn off," said Marchant.

Belch says some of the changes are due to competition between brick and mortar stores and online merchants. 

Stores are losing business to internet sales and some feel they can compete by offering earlier holiday deals. But trying to change long standing shopping habits could drive people away from the malls, rather than wake them up early looking for deals.

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