Birthday Parade Means World to Boy, and His Hospital Worker Mother

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A Serra Mesa couple who've been working tirelessly at a hospital during the fight against COVID-19 wanted their 6-year-old son's birthday to feel as normal as possible.

Parades seem to be a popular way to celebrate with friends and family from a distance during this pandemic, so that's what they organized. And the part ended up meaning as much to the parents as it did to their boy.

A parade of loved ones honking and holding signs outside of their car windows might be the closest Tyler Addy can get to his extended family for now. Tyler waved from the sidewalk in front of his decorated garage door and handed out goodie bags along with his mother Darcy Addy. She told NBC 7 she wanted to make his birthday as close to a normal celebration as possible.

“He’s been having a lot of anxiety about it so we just wanted to have something fun for him, to make him smile,” His mother said.

While people are advised to stay at home, both Addy and her husband go to work at Rady Children's hospital every day. Addy works as a respiratory therapist and her husband is in administration.

“We are the ones that do the COVID testing and so we are swabbing all of the patients. We are trying to be safe, changing our clothes before we come inside. We just want to be safe for our children, but we know we have a duty and we want to be there for our community,” she said.

But Wednesday, the community showed up in full support for Tyler. A police car even joined in on the party flashing its lights and chirped its siren.

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