‘Birds on Blue' Art Piece First to Conceal Cell Phone Tower in South Bay

All 75 bird sculptures were made from foam and covered in protective fiber glass.

A cell phone tower in South Bay is getting a new look with an elevated art piece called 'Birds on Blue.'

It's one of the first art pieces in the telecommunications industry designed both to conceal a cell phone tower and offer an artistic component for the community. According to the designers, the sculptures were made from foam and covered in protective fiber glass.

San Diegans will see the art piece when taking the Beyer exit on Interstate 905, between Interstate 5 and 805, as the cell phone tower is visibly positioned next to the freeway.

"I hope they notice something unique, something that may catch their eye or get their curiosity, rather than just one more piece of utility," said Sandy McDaniel, one of the designers of 'Birds on Blue.'

Another designer who partnered with McDaniel to create the art piece, Ron Pekar, told NBC 7 there are about 75 birds in the project, each one individually sculpted.

According McDaniel, the piece was not designed solely for the purpose of hiding the cell phone tower. 'Birds on Blue' was designed as an opportunity to enhance the community and create an interesting visual for locals as well.

"The birds represent flight, free spirit, and they just kind of blend in with the sky and clouds; and they will change as the lighting changes and the shadows change, said McDaniel.

Some of the challenges included gaining prior approval from the City of San Diego, Caltrans and a community group, said Pekar. Another challenge was not being able to use steel and having to find radio-friendly art materials.

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