Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium to Remain Open With Outdoor-Only Exhibits

The La Jolla-based aquarium announced new additions to its outdoor experience as well as discounted tickets

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With San Diego County now being in the most restrictive tier, Birch Aquarium will cease its indoor operations and expand outdoor services with discounted ticket prices beginning Saturday.

The La Jolla-based aquarium announced that its outdoor spaces have been “enhanced with new animals and activities” to better serve the community. The new additions include two touch exhibits that feature juvenile sharks and invertebrates.

Attendants will still be able to enjoy the Tide Pool Plaza and the panoramic views of La Jolla from the aquarium’s Smargon Courtyard, where tents have been installed in anticipation of winter weather. The Shark Shores exhibit will still be open, as well.

Since whales typically migrate off San Diego’s coast in the wintertime, guests will learn more about what species are likely to swim through the shores. There will also be information on local habitats so attendants can learn more about our marine neighbors.

Tickets will be timed and discounted while indoor services are at a halt. Adult tickets will be down from the usual $19.50 price to $16.50, while children’s tickets will be $12.

To learn more about what Birch Aquarium will offer after Saturday, or to purchase tickets online, click here.

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