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Big Data Hackathon San Diego Focuses on Public Health Projects

San Diegans "hacking for good" this weekend

San Diegans spent the weekend creating public health projects at the Big Data Hackathon hosted by San Diego State University (SDSU).

The annual event aims to get more students and professionals using data sets to solve problems.

“We need to be well versed in what's happening in our digital realm and knowing what's happening in big data,” said Amy Schmitz Weiss, a professor in SDSU’s School of Journalism and Media Studies. “It's impacting everything that we do. In being able to help in those ways by putting on events like this, having workshops, having classes, is just one part to help people have a better understanding in what's happening in the digital platform."

Participants worked in teams to come up with public health projects, the theme for this year’s event.

Competition in the Big Data Hackathon began Feb. 18. The event continued Saturday, with final projects due by noon Sunday.

The top projects will win a cash prize, with the opportunity to work with San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Department.

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