Big Bloom Video Premiere: ‘Sex in the Bathroom'

Watch the band's new music video and head to their CD release at Casbah

If you've never imagined having sex in the bathroom of a dive bar with an alien, then that makes one of us. 

But after watching Big Bloom's new music video for their song "Sex in the Bathroom" -- which has all of the trappings of an interdimensional garage punk fever dream -- that'll make none of us. 

The video, directed by Bridey Hicks, was filmed partially at Live Wire and partially in the women's restroom at SDSU's art building, and Hicks was channeling either a scene from the Star Wars that would have been had David Lynch directed "Return of the Jedi" or a sequel to David Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch."

"The song has some pretty risque lyrics, and we wanted to do a funny twist on it ... We wanted to do something comical," frontwoman Katie Howard told me over the phone on Monday afternoon.

In this case, it's quite a surreal comedy with a reveal at the end that I won't spoil here. I'll just let you watch it below.

"Sex in the Bathroom" is the first single off of the band's second LP, "Decomposure," which is set for a Saturday, Sept. 9, CD release at the Casbah. The Loons and Dark Thirty will offer support with Gloomsday playing the Atari Lounge for the special 91x Loudspeaker event. 

The album, which was recorded and mixed by drummer Sean Daly and mastered by LA hotshot Joel Jerome, will feature eight original songs and a cover of Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down."

"The music is really driving, and while writing the LP we were all just going through such emotional times. A lot of the songs are heavy and driving, because we were feeling kind of angry," Howard said about "Decomposure."

Big Bloom headline Casbah on Saturday, Sept. 9, with the Loons, Dark Thirty and Gloomsday in tow. Get tickets to the 91x Loudspeaker event at the door or when they become available online here

Rutger Rosenborg was almost a Stanford neuroscientist before he formed Ed Ghost Tucker. Whoops. He now plays in the Lulls and makes music on his own when he's not writing. Follow his updates on Facebook or contact him directly.

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