Big Bang Theory Actress Adopts 2 Rabbits from Local Shelter

“The Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco paid a visit to County Animal Services (CAS) Sunday, and adopted two furry white rabbits.

It all happened after waking up and saying she wanted to adopt bunnies, according to an Instagram post by her fiancé Karl Cook.

Once they arrived to the shelter located on Gaines Street in Morena, Cuoco went to the rabbit area and her fiancé took video footage of her as she picked out one of her new pets.

According to CAS staff members, she was crying tears of joy and said, “This is the one!” Cuoco also said she was glad she came.

Employees at the County Animal Services immediately recognized the actress and said she was very nice, and agreed to take photos with the staff.

Both female rabbits had been at the shelter since Jan. 16.

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