9 Great San Diego Comic-Con Moments Through the Years

Here's a look at some of the memorable moments of San Diego Comic-Con

As thousands converge on San Diego for this year's Comic-Con, we wanted to take a moment to look back on some of our favorite moments of years past. 

Starting with the one, the only - ok, who could forget Super Conan? 

Then there was that time when Mayor Kevin Faulconer rode a zip line like Batman and then-City Councilmember Todd Gloria followed him looking a little like Robin.

Video of the “official opening” of Comic-Con 2014 Thursday July 24, 2014 as San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and City Council President Todd Gloria ride a zip-line near the San Diego Convention Center.

We enjoyed the spontaneous and spectacular dancing superheroes captured in July 2009. 

What about when comedian Will Ferrell had the crowd rolling when he responded to one fan's question while promoting "The Other Guys" in 2010. Were you there? 

Hopefully Hall H was laughing with this Comic-Con member, not at him.

We also remembered running into Tobias Locke of Orange County in 2011 - the man who many know simply as "Badge Guy."

At Comic-Con 2011, we talk with a Comic-Con celebrity in his own right – Tobias Locke of Orange County or the man many know as simply “Badge Guy.”

SoundDiego was there when Metallica pulled off a secret show inside Spreckles Theatre. 

Metallica's Secret Show @ Spreckles Theatre

Thousands witnessed the very special moment for one couple in front of the honorary king of Comic-Con, Kevin Smith, inside Hall H in July 2010.

Love Is in the Air at Comic-Con

Also, there was the time NBC 7 decided to check out the various tattoos of convention-goers in 2011. [[126042433, C]]

We liked what we saw so we went back and looked for more three years later.

[G-2014] Tattoos of 2014 Comic-Con

And this guy - the Vista Fire Department captain who turned heads with his huge Chewbacca costume and impersonations. NBC 7's Steven Luke caught up with him. 

Everywhere he goes at Comic-Con, a Vista Fire Department captain turns head with his huge Chewbacca costume and impersonations. NBC 7’s Steven Luke has more on the costume’s surprising origins.

Whether it's in a panel inside the convention center or among fans on the streets of the Gaslamp, San Diego Comic-Con 2018 will likely leave many attendees with a favorite memory or two.

 A look at some of the installations connected to San Diego Comic-Con from Chopper NBC 7.
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