Bernie Sanders to Speak in San Diego

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders begins the day in San Diego Wednesday, where he thanked voters in Idaho and Utah for recent wins in those state caucuses.

Sanders currently trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the delegate count. However he said ithe Sanders campaign has narrowed the gap.

“We have closed the delegate gap by some 25 delegates in the last week,” Sanders said.

Sanders' first appearance in San Diego attracted thousands of people to the San Diego Convention Center Tuesday. In just two months, California voters will take part in the state's winner-take-all primary.

“It’s absolutely essential that we contest every state,” Sanders said Wednesday.

“You don’t write off California,” he said.

In light of the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, Sanders used Tuesday's rally in San DIego to stress the importance of reform in the criminal justice system and defeating ISIS, among other issues.

He said his campaign listened to the concerns of youths, military veterans and the elderly. 

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