Bernie Sanders Holds San Diego Rally Tuesday

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders will visit San Diego for a rally at the Convention Center on Tuesday ahead of California’s Democratic primary vote on June 7.

His stances on income inequality, universal health care and free college for everyone have resonated across the country notably with millennials. 

As president of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club, and a Bernie Sanders supporter, Michael Johnson is hoping to help Sanders improve in the polls and gain delegates.

"We have them bound wrist and ankle with debt and lack of opportunity and tell them to go out and flourish," Johnson said of the lack of jobs for young people. "It's impossible for them."

Wrestling California's 548 delegates from Hillary Clinton's campaign could be tough though considering she captured more than 50% of San Diego's vote back in 2008 and won California as well. 

Sanders currently trails the former Secretary of State in the delegate count by more than 700. 

Clinton supporter and former state senator Denise Moreno Ducheny explained why Sanders might be making a visit to San Diego.

"At least from Senator Sanders' point of view if California is not in play he doesn't have the numbers to get [to the nomination]," she said. "He has to try to reach out to California." 

Sanders' rally is scheduled for 8 p.m. in Exhibition Halls D & E where the floor plan says more than 10,000 seats are available. According to Sanders' website maximum capacity has been reached.


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