Behind the Scenes: Kidnappings, Mafia, Cartels

The San Diego F.B.I. office and its efforts to fight border violence are the focus of a documentary that aired on Discovery Channel.

The documentary follows San Diego agents as they deal with border issues like kidnapping, the Mexican Mafia, Drug Cartels and Internet crimes against children.  

The film makers got a behind the scenes look at how the F.B.I. operates in San Diego. 

"We gave them access to a lot of things you wouldn't normally see and I think because of that the viewers will get some real insight on how the F.B.I. works," Special Agent in Charge Keith Slotter said.

The two hour long documentary mostly focuses on border issues.  It also provides criminal profiles including one about a man called the "Stew maker".  Slotter says the Stew maker worked for drug cartels and his job was to make people disappear by dipping their bodies in barrels filled with chemicals. 

"It's a very disturbing piece," he said.  But Slotter says the point of the documentary isn't to disturb viewers.  "It'll be, I hope, enlightening, at least a bit clearer on the issues border cities like San Diego face."

The documentary aired at 8 p.m. on Wednesday and at midnight on Thursday on Discovery Channel.

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