Beheaded Animals Found in North Park Alley

Employees of a North Park thrift store were shocked to find animal carcasses in the alleyway near the store on Thursday morning.

They found a goat, two roosters and a dove, which had all been beheaded.

“We didn’t know why something like that would be out there and what it meant,” said Tracy Lamb, manager of the Alliance for African Assistance Thrift Store.

What the employees learned from authorities was equally as surprising.

Animal Services investigators said it’s legal for those animals to be decapitated for a religious sacrifice as long as it’s done humanely and the bodies aren’t dumped somewhere, which was what happened near the store on El Cajon Bouevard.

Further, California law states that cattle, sheep, poultry and birds can be sacrificed, but not dogs or cats.

Dumping animals is a misdemeanor crime and something that nearby businesses, including an autobody shop and the thrift store, don’t want to see or smell.

“Our donors pull right up to our back door to make donations and new arriving refugees pull up to get their clothing and stuff,” Lamb said.

Anyone with information on the animal dumpings should call San Diego police or San Diego County’s Department of Animal Services.

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