Beer Lovers Reach for Stone Brewing's ‘I'm Peach' IPA for Trump Impeachment

Stone Brewing responds, "Don’t overthink it, just enjoy the beer!"

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A limited edition IPA from San Diego County-based Stone Brewing gained some popularity this week for having a name that is suspiciously similar to the most popular word of the week: impeach.

As President Donald Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached, beer lovers took to social media to share images of themselves sipping down brown bottles of Stone Brewing's "I'm Peach" IPA.

A quick-glancing eye could easily mistake the beer's name, printed in large orange letters across the bottle's front, as one word. Even the apostrophe between the "I" from the "M" is subtle enough that it could be missed.

Their slogan: "Unite hops, peaches and each other."

But you're probably just reading into it, if you ask Stone Brewing spokesperson Lizzie Younkin.

"It’s no secret that Stone Brewing is comfortable with being bold," she told NBC 7. "This double IPA is packed with peaches and meant to leave a lingering impression – on your palate."

Of course, the optical illusion was not lost on the beer community who posted photos of themselves sipping the 8.8 percent fruit-infused suds on social media on Wednesday and in the days following Trump's impeachment.

Posts accompanying the photos on the social beer review app, Untappd, said, "This is what Democracy tastes like;" "Historic day calls for a historic brew;" "Tastes like America right now;" and "Political statement beer!"

Even the description on the bottle seems to hint at recent political events.

"We want to shout I’M PEACH from the rooftops. Yet, we’re afraid of the potential alienation from select peach-hating members of our friends and family," the description begins.

It goes on to reference looking like a "freedom hating sissy" and having an "I'm Peach party."

But like Younkin said, the brewmasters at Stone made this beer with only one thing in mind: to be a great tasting, peach-flavored IPA.

"Don’t overthink it, just enjoy the beer!”

The limited edition brew was re-released with seemingly fortuitous timing on Nov. 20, 2019. It is available nationwide while supplies last. Find it at a location near you on Stone's website.

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