Beef Over Burgers

There's renewed beef in the North County over a dispute with the city because of sign restrictions in the 1990s, according to our media partner the North County Times...

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North County Times/Hayne Palmour IV
Everyone from the mayor to local teens says In-N-Out Burger refuses to open an Escondido location because of an ugly fight 17 years ago over a proposed freeway sign, but recent interviews with some city and company officials indicate otherwise. For the full story visit
North County Times/Hayne Palmour IV
No one disputes that the sign clash cost Escondido a chance to have what would have been the third In-N-Out Burger restaurant in San Diego County, at the southeast corner of Interstate 15 and El Norte Parkway. The company now has 14 restaurants in the region, including one each in Vista, San Marcos, Oceanside, Carlsbad and Carmel Mountain Ranch. For the full story visit
North County Times/Hayne Palmour IV
But contrary to local popular opinion, company officials and some city officials said last week that In-N-Out Burger never held a grudge over the sign dispute. They also said the extremely popular chain has been trying to find a suitable location in Escondido since at least the mid-1990s. For the full story visit
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