Bed Bugs Plague Senior Home

A resident was found dead, along with a bed bug infestation

A major bed bug infestation was discovered at the Sara Frances Hometel after a resident was found dead in his room, according to the owner.

The local business is a home to seniors-in-need.

This morning a resident was found dead in his room along with a bed bug infestation, according to owner David Reichbart.

Three years ago, seniors at the facility were dealing with bugs every other day, if not every day, Reichbart said.

But recently things had been better.

Reichbart says seniors go to the Sara Frances Hometel trying to escape bed bug infestations in other apartment buildings.

"Three years ago, before we got a handle on it and knew how to kind of help and the extent we had to go to with throwing furniture away. I mean I've gone from wood furniture to plastic shelves, just because everything becomes trash once these things attack it," Reichbart said.

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