Caught on Cam: Store Display Explodes in Flames

Several surveillance cameras inside the store are being used in investigation

Investigators are interviewing several people about what happened moments before a shelf of bedding fueled a fire in the middle of a department store.

A customer captured a store display on fire inside a San Diego-area Bed Bath and Beyond.

The shopper who was inside the Bed Bath and Beyond off H street in Chula Vista captured the shooting flames and posted the video on YouTube.

Fire officials told NBC 7 the fire started in the back corner of the store around 6 p.m. Tuesday and activated the sprinkler system.

"It was kinda just running up the wall and the sprinkler couldn't really keep up with it cause it was dense, all the material, it was all bedding material," said Richard Brocchini, Battalion Chief with the Chula Vista Fire Department.

Firefighters extinguished the fire quickly, but the store still suffered extensive water damage, according to officials.

Customer Joe Larson was also inside, but never saw the fire or smoke.

"I was actually there... kinda makes me sound like a suspect, but I was there about 5 minutes prior to that and circled the store and was on the other side of the store when I heard everyone needed to evacuate," Larson said.

No injuries were reported.

The smoke also spread next door into a Sports Authority forcing employees to turn customers away here as well.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

A Chula Vista deputy fire chief told NBC 7 News that several surveillance cameras inside the store are being used in investigation.

Structural damage is estimated at $27,000 according to fire investigators. However, the damage to the content of the store may be significant because the smell of smoke lingers in bedding.

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