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Beaches in Solana Beach, Del Mar and Carlsbad Reopen For Exercise

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City beaches in Solana Beach, Del Mar and Carlsbad will reopen in limited fashion on Monday along with state beaches in Torrey Pines and Carlsbad.

Beachgoers will be allowed to run and walk on the sand, as well as surf, swim, kayak and paddleboard in the ocean. Group gatherings, parking in lots and lying down on the beach are still prohibited.

Parks and trails in the city of Carlsbad will also reopen today at 2 p.m. for walking, running and sitting on the grass. Parking lots at the parks will be open at half-capacity.

The Lake Poway Recreation Area opened to the public Sunday and will resume regular hours of 6 a.m. to sunset today, city officials said.

Parking lots at Lake Poway will open to half capacity and boating is not allowed, officials said. The playground will remain closed and active sports are limited to people within the same household.

County health officials on Sunday reported 85 new COVID-19 cases and one death, raising the county's totals to 3,927 cases and 139 fatalities.

The latest fatality is an 81-year-old woman who had underlying medical conditions, the county reported.

Of the 2,277 tests reported to the county on Saturday, 4% were positive new cases.

The county is working to increase its testing with a goal of 5,200 tests a day, according to Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

"While state and federal guidelines call for 'robust testing,' there is no hard and fast rule for the exact number," Fletcher said Sunday. "We've chosen to use a Harvard study to identify our goal: 5,200 tests per day in San Diego County. We're working with our new testing task force to meet that goal."

The total number of hospitalized patients is 828, and 266 had to be placed in intensive care, the county reported.

Among the confirmed cases, 49% were female and 51% male, with seven reported as unknown gender.

The estimated number of recovered patients was reported at 2,129.

State public health authorities are opening testing locations throughout the county starting Tuesday. The initial locations will be at Grossmont College, the former Sears building in Chula Vista and the county's North Inland Live Well Center in Escondido. Testing is by appointment only by calling 888-634-1123, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Mandatory face-covering health orders are now in effect countywide, with several transportation agencies following suit by mandating face coverings in all vehicles and public transit locations.

Any employee or passenger at the San Diego International Airport or aboard Metropolitan Transit System or North County Transit District vehicles are required to wear face coverings at all times -- regardless of social distancing.

People are not required to wear coverings at home or in their yard, car, while jogging or surfing or if they have a medical condition preventing them from wearing a facial covering.

Here are the rules for the beaches that are open in San Diego County:

San Diego

  • Allowed: Swimming, surfing (not allowed on San Diego Bay), single-person paddling and kayaking in the ocean; walking and running on the beach
  • Not Allowed: Stopping, sitting, lying down on the beach; access to boardwalks and piers, parking lots and Fiesta Island; boating; gatherings of any kind


  • Allowed: Swimming, surfing, single-person paddling and kayaking in the ocean; walking and running on the beach
  • Not Allowed: Loitering, laying on the sand, gathering in groups of any sizes and using fire pits; access to Dog Beach and Sunset Park; parking
  • Beaches will be closed at sunset

Imperial Beach

  • Allowed: Walking and jogging on the beach but a face covering is required
  • Not Allowed: Entering the water (temporary closure is due to pollution); stopping, sitting, lying down on the beach; gatherings of any size; access to parking lots, street ends or the pier


  • Allowed: Access to Moonlight Beach only for walking and running in a select "active zone"; swimming, surfing, paddling and kayaking in the ocean
  • Not Allowed: Gatherings of any kind, stopping, standing, sitting or lying down; games or other sports; access to parking lots and parking on Coast Highway


  • Allowed: Running and walking on beaches; swimming, surfing, paddling and kayaking in the ocean
  • Not Allowed: Standing, sitting or lying down; gatherings, group exercising or group games, recreational boating; access to the pier or the amphitheater; access to the strand except for vehicles (residents will be allowed to access their property); parking lots are closed

Del Mar

  • Allowed: Running and walking on beaches; swimming, surfing and paddling in the ocean
  • Not Allowed: Standing sitting or lying down; games, sports and activities such as volleyball, frisbee, yoga and calisthenics; The 17th Street/Beach Safety Center parking lot will be closed except for disabled access vehicles


  • Allowed: Running and walking on beaches; in the water, visitors may swim, surf, kayak (from the Agua Hedionda Lagoon entrances), bodyboard, body surf, paddleboard, snorkel and scuba dive from the shore; fishing but only from a kayak or boat
  • Not Allowed: Standing sitting or lying down; bringing umbrellas, coolers or BBQs; gatherings of any kind, including to play sports like volleyball, football, frisbee, soccer, yoga and others where you stay in one place

Solana Beach

  • Allowed: Walking and running is allowed on the beach; swimming, surfing paddling and kayaking will be allowed only within an "exercise zone" and only to those with experience; swim zones will be set up at Fletcher Cove and occasionally at Tide Park and Del Mar Shores; Fletcher Cove will be open for beach access.
  • Not Allowed: Gatherings of any kind and sports and games on the beach; Fletcher Cove Park will remain closed, as will restrooms and showers; Tide Park and Del Mar Shores stairs will only be open for exiting the beach, while Seascape Stairs will be open only for entry to the beach. The parking lots remain closed

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