Beach Businesses on the Rise Following Memorial Day Visitors

Beachgoers flocked to San Diego beaches this Memorial Day, despite restrictions in place

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Beachgoers were seen wearing masks and trying to keep their distance as they frequented city of San Diego beaches on Memorial Day.

The increase of foot traffic since the start of the pandemic is helping many beach businesses stay alive including longtime Greek cafe Kojack's.

"I mean this is the hardest thing we've ever had to deal with," said Kojack's owner Mike Soltan.

The Greek cafe is a staple on the Mission Beach boardwalk, it's been around for more than 30 years and Soltan says the last two have been the most challenging years.

In October 2018 the restaurant nearly burned down after a fire started in the apartment above them. They closed down for eight months.

"You can't see any more stress than that," said Soltan on Memorial Day.

Kojack's is now allowing patrons to dine-in, something the restaurant hadn't been able to do for the last two months.

"This time of year we’re usually at our busiest time, but thank god we're doing a little better than nothing," Soltan said.

On Memorial Day, San Diego police and lifeguards were monitoring crowds and reminding them of the rules which involve no sitting or laying down on the sand or playing contact sports.

The boardwalks and some parking lots near the beaches also remain closed until further notice.

"I feel that the crowds are a little heavier than usual, but I feel that they are taking the right precautions to be able to enjoy the outdoors," said beach visitor Mayra Moreno.

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