San Diego

Man Shot in Head in BB Gun Attack Speaks to Telemundo 20

A San Diego man describes the pain he felt when he was shot in the head by someone firing a BB gun in the downtown area. 

Mario Martinez was walking to his car after work early Sunday morning.

After turning on his car engine, he stepped out to check that his brake lights were on and he felt a very sharp pain on his head that felt like a whip.

“I’m feeling pain in my head,” Martinez said.

He looked around him to see what cars were nearby on 7th Avenue and he saw only one.

“I see three guys in one car, a white Cadillac because the emblem behind the car is colored red. It’s a Cadillac,” he said.

Martinez actually jumped into his car and chased the white car but lost sight of the vehicle.

When he returned home he tried to explain the mysterious injury to his wife.

“He said, ‘I think I was shot,’” Macarena Martinez said.

“He has this red bloody strip passing from the temple onto his ear. I was able to wash it and apply cleaning products to stop the bleeding,” she said.

She said she was very concerned that her husband could have been seriously injured.

“I don’t know why these individuals think of this action as an entertainment, a way of passing time,” she said. “It is ridiculous. I just don’t see why people play with others’ lives.”

The car stopped in front of Martinez and appeared to look back as if to see if he was hit, according to his wife.

Mario Martinez reported his incident verbally to a police officer on the morning it happened. He planned to file a police report with the San Diego Police Department Wednesday afternoon. 

SDPD told Telemundo 20 they are still investigating if this case is related to numerous reports of damage done by BB guns around San Diego.

A surveillance image was shared Monday by the Coronado Police Department showing a sedan believed to be connected to 23 BB gun incidents in Coronado.

The agency is working with other law enforcement officers to investigate an estimated four dozen incidents reported by pedestrians, drivers, passengers in rideshare cars, businesses and homes from Ocean Beach to La Mesa to Chula Vista.

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