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Battery Operated Equipment Helped Rescue Couple Off Canyon in HWY 67

Battery operated equipment is what helped rescue a couple after their car tumbled hundreds of feet off Scripps Poway Parkway.

Multiple agencies helped with the rescue including Ramona Station 86. That station is equiped with the Holmatro rescue equipment they said helped them become mobile when they really needed it.

“For extractions we will utilize our battery operated Holmatro equipment, and it gives us the ability to be mobile especially when the other day with the incident (at Scripps Poway Parkway),” Weston Beloussow, Fire Apparatus Engineer with Cal Fire San Diego said. “We have the ability to carry our tools down into the canyons and gets us more mobile.”

They said the first thing they do is make sure the scene is safe and then they start an action plan.

“We strategize what we’re going to do from that point, and we will assess what tools we need,” Beloussow said. “Sometimes if it is over the side, we will send someone over and have them assess what is needed.”

Some of the battery operated tools they have are a spreader, cutters, and rams to gain access to patients who may be stuck in vehicles.

“We are always thinking of patient care and what’s the best possible way to extract that patient with the least amount of movement to them (sic),” Beloussow explained.

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