Base Housing Open to Military Retirees

The rental rates are comparable to what active-duty members pay, but never lower.

For the first time ever, retired military personnel will have a chance to rent homes on base at Camp Pendleton, thanks to a partnership approved by Congress 15 years ago.

One of the most secure neighborhoods in San Diego County, Camp Pendleton offers modern homes with ocean views in Southern California. The housing development has 7,500 homes, and now some 500 are available for a select few to rent.

The public/private partnership that makes the rental opportunities possible was established to help fund the demand for new homes on military bases. The military agreed that, if needed, a select few would be allowed to move on base.

Andy Killion, Director of Military Affairs for the Brown Region, which includes Camp Pendleton, said now that military services are shrinking in size, the opportunity to open homes to retirees becomes possible.

Aside from retirees, select categories of personnel from the Department of Defense are eligible as well, such as international students and officers, Coast Guard, active-duty military bachelors, DoD civil service and other civil service workers such as the FBI.

Killion, also a retired Marine, said former service members are a good fit as base neighbors because they're comfortable with base housing regulations.

"In the Marine Corps we have a saying, 'Once a Marine, always a Marine,'" Killion said.

Lincoln Military Housing - the organization that runs the base housing - also runs an extensive background check and criminal background investigation before approving potential renters, creating an even safer collection of neighbors.

The cost of rent, which ranges from $1,400 to $2,400, covers utilities, club house and pool use. The rental rates are comparable to active duty, but never lower.

Since the partnership began more than a decade ago, many new homes have been built and others renovated, most with energy efficient upgrades.

For more information on the veteran and retiree rental program, contact Lincoln Military Housing by clicking here or calling (760) 994-4100.

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