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Barrio Logan's ‘Walk the Block' Initiative Helps Boost Local Business

"Lately, the streets have been very empty, and businesses have closed because nobody comes," one Barrio Logan merchant said, describing the decline in business during the pandemic

Merchants at a booth sell their items at Barrio Logan's Walk the Block initiative on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2020.
Telemundo 20

After nearly five months under the economic strain of the coronavirus pandemic, Logan Avenue has been reborn. Tired of lost sales, local small business owners and merchants have decided to take action.

“The day has seemed to be really good. It’s the first Saturday that we do this,” merchant Aidé Álvarez told Telemundo 20. She sells products from Mexico.

“Lately, the streets have been very empty, and businesses have closed because nobody comes," she explained.

The coronavirus pandemic hit many merchants hard, and some had to search for other available options.

“We decided to unite to make a change in order to bring people back to visit, even if they just come to swing by and more than anything, help the businesses that are here in Barrio Logan,” Álvarez said.

The initiative, called "Walk the Block" brought them hope to reopen what was once lost. It's an effort to gather merchants and small businesses together on sidewalks to appeal to families so they can enjoy outdoor dining and shopping.

“We hope that the ambiance sets, like the way it looks now because last week, it was dead around here but we’re moving on forward,” said Diego Reséndiz, who sells tamales and corn.

Some local merchants have had to search for other options or find a new business venture.

“I used to work in something else, like on the music at restaurants,” Reséndiz said.

During the first day of this initiative, the clients at the Logan Avenue jewelry store, Miss Loverling, continued to roll in.

“We hope that our sales will increase,” said Arely Santillán, who owns Ms. Lovering.

The Barrio Logan initiative is expected to continue each Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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