Barrio Logan Development Plan Moves Forward

The San Diego City Council gave its final approval for a community-developed plan for Barrio Logan Tuesday night.

The Barrio Logan Community plan update, passed Sept. 17 with a 5-4 vote, involves a strip of city blocks running along Newton Avenue and Main Street, between South Evans and 28th Streets,

That area is designed to be a buffer zone between housing and industrial land uses.

The plan called "Alternative 1" will separate industrial from residential areas in an effort to create better air quality, affordable community housing and provide support for the maritime workforce.

On Oct. 3, San Diego's maritime companies and defense establishment launched a referendum drive to overturn the council's vote warning that the plan would jeopardize an industry worth 46,000 jobs and $14 billion a year to the local economy.

If the referendum petitions qualify, the City Council has ten days to repeal the Barrio plan -- or, it has to go on the ballot in the next available citywide election.

If the development contines as planned, it will be the first change to the neighborhood in more than 30 years.

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