San Diego Humane Society

Bald Eagle Rescued Over Fourth of July Weekend

America's patriotic symbol was treated for dehydration and mites, the San Diego Humane Society said

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The San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) cared for America’s symbol of strength over the Fourth of July weekend.

A bald eagle, one of the country’s patriotic symbols, was admitted to SDHS’s Project Wildlife care after it was delivered by SoCal Parrots. The agency rescued the bird after it was seen on the ground near Barrett Honor Camp.

The bird has been treated for dehydration and mites at SDHS’s Bahde Wildlife Center. Officials said the bald eagle is in stable condition, but under critical care for now. It will be released to the wild upon its recovery.

SDHS said it is “extremely rare” for a bald eagle to be admitted into their care.

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