Baja Road Still Closed After Collapse

Ensenada Road Collapse cover
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The main toll road connecting Tijuana and Ensenada is still closed after Saturday’s collapse of about 300 yards of highway and officials are not sure when it will re-open.

The State Government of Baja California has designated alternate routes around the area while the road is closed, which is expected to be at least a few weeks.

“We hope the reopening can be done reasonably quickly, once all safety concerns are met.” Baja Assistant Secretary of Tourism Ives Lelevier said in a statement released Thursday.

He said further study is being done to determine more about the cause of the collapse, as well as the time needed before the road will be reopened.

Motorists heading north are encouraged to take the free highway to the Scenic Road at La Mision, or simply continue on the toll-free road to Tijuana. Southbound travelers must take the Scenic Road to the free road and go through El Tigre.

Or drivers can take Federal Highway 3, which goes through Ensenada and travels northeast to Tecate.

Several small earthquakes, ranging in magnitude from 1.3 to 4.3, combined with heavy rainfall caused the road to crumble, Mexico’s federal highway authority said. No one was injured in the collapse.

In the meantime, events in Ensenada continue as usual. Signage and traffic direction are being put in place so that alternate routes can be used.

The toll road opened in 1967 and carries 4 million vehicles annually. The collapsed section sits on a geologic fault.

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