Back-to-Back Bad Bunny Concerts Bring Mad Money to San Diego Businesses

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The San Diego Padres are out of town, but Petco Park is coming alive as reggaetón artist Bad Bunny rocks the stage Saturday and Sunday.

But will Bad Bunny’s music turn into dollars for businesses in the area?

Some business owners say highly-anticipated concerts like this one gives them a boost in revenue.

“Bad Bunny is pretty popular. The concert sold out in 10 minutes, so we think it’s going to be pretty busy for the rest of the night,” said Trent Thompson, floor manager at Social Tap. “We probably do anywhere from at least an extra $5,000 or 10 grand in sales.”

Karmen Knutsen at R Place Sports Bar & Grill said Bad Bunny’s star power and San Diego’s energy help her bar’s bottom line.

“I mean people are really excited – people have come from all over – I know someone who flew in from Oregon – people are coming from Oakland. People came here instead of other venues because they know that San Diego is a good crowd,” Knutsen said.

Meanwhile, concertgoers say the performance and the energy is good for their soul.

“I’m up there on the chairs. I’m everywhere. I’ll be dancing and singing my heart out,” fan Valerie Barbosa said.

Bad Bunny will headline a second concert at Petco on Sunday night, but the revenue started flowing into businesses days before his first on Saturday.

“Yesterday the line started at about two hours just for the merch and people are waiting two hours in line just to get their t-shirts so they’re lined up way down the block,” Knutsen said.

She said they are expecting a double-digit-percentage increase in business this weekend.

“If it had been a weekend that didn’t have like any event, because we stay pretty busy with Padre games, I’d say probably an 80% increase for a concert – especially Bad Bunny,” she added.

Barbosa traveled from Los Angeles to sing along to her favorite songs, but she has two she really wants to hear.

“I really wanna hear “Ojitos Lindos” because that’s one of my favorites, or “Efecto,” Barbosa said.

She said she’s contributing economically by spending hundreds of dollars on the show.

“So, tickets - I got them for around $130 each, so that’s around $330 including taxes, and parking was $25. We got lucky again. Merch - I’m going all in, I have all my friends' requests – so probably in total around $400 or $500 in total but it’s all worth it in the end,” she explained.

And for those wondering, she will do it all over again in the future.

“I would do it all over again – money comes back but the memories don’t,” Barbosa said.

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