Baby Jesus Snatched from Point Loma Front Yard

The decorations were family keepsakes from Panama

A thief has ruined a Christmas tradition from a Point Loma family.

On Monday morning, Charo Mouritzen discovered that Baby Jesus had been stolen from the nativity scene in the front yard of her Chatsworth Boulevard home.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Mouritzen said. “Why would somebody take Baby Jesus?”

The nativity decorations are simple, just figures painted on fiberboard, but they hold special meaning for the Mouritzen family. Mouritzen said she and her husband brought the nativity scene from her native Panama 18 years ago.

“This is all we have left of our Baby Jesus, just these pictures,” she said. flipping through a family photo album.

The Mouritzens are devout Catholics. They hope someone will hear their story and return Jesus.

“You’ve taken away a big tradition from our family,” Mouritzen said. “We would love to have it back.”

The family said they will file a police report. Anyone with information can call the San Diego Police Department.

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