Aztecs Might Have More MWC Company

SDSU's conference basketball dominance could the threatened

For nearly a decade the San Diego State Aztecs have been the class of the Mountain West Conference basketball programs. If a recent report is true Steve Fisher's group might have some serious competition coming.

Wichita St. is reportedly thinking of leaving the Missouri Valley Conference and has approached the MWC about potentially moving in with them. The Shockers have been in the NCAA Tournament five straight years and reached the Final Four in 2013. If they join the Mountain West it would certainly help raise the level of competition, the main thing that kept SDSU out of the big dance this season.

But Wichita St. is not only a potential rival in basketball. The Shockers baseball program has a rich history (former Padres outfielder Joe Carter went there) and is now thinking about bringing back football. Wichita St. dropped the sport in 1986 but is kicking around the idea of fielding a team again.

WSU is also considering a move to Conference USA and the All-American Conference. Logistically it would be difficult for the Shockers to come to the Mountain West by themselves.

With 12 teams it makes the breakdown for a pair of six-team divisions in football easy. Odds are the MWC would have to invite another team, as well, increasing the number to 14, or ask a current member to move to another conference to really make the math work.

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