Sandy Hook Victim Has San Diego Ties

Avielle Richman once rode her bicycle outside her family’s home in Mira Mesa.

Now, after learning that 6-year-old Avielle was among the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary, her former neighbors are sharing in the grief of so many across the U.S.

Gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, was carrying an arsenal of hundreds of rounds of especially deadly ammunition when he entered the Newtown, CT school and began firing Friday morning.

Avielle was among the 20 children and eight adults shot and killed in one of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history.

The Richman family had just moved from Mira Mesa in April of last year back to Connecticut.

Neighbors say Jeremy and Jennifer Richman lived in the home on Tobago Road for about a year.

Little Avielle, or “Avie” as she was called, just turned 6 on October 17.

A blog created by the family entitled “Avielle’s Adventures” has posted images and updates including her Kindergarten diploma from Sandy Hook.

Avielle spent the summer taking horseback riding lessons and practicing archery in her backyard.

A Connecticut official said the gunman's mother was found dead in her pajamas in bed, shot four times in the head with a.22-caliber rifle. The killer then went to the school with guns he took from his mother and began blasting his way through the building.

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Newtown officials couldn't say whether Sandy Hook Elementary, where authorities said all the victims were shot at least twice, would ever reopen.

Monday classes were canceled, and the district was making plans to send surviving Sandy Hook students to a former school building in a neighboring town.

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