Authorities Investigating Additional Threat to Southwest Airlines Flight

A reported bomb threat targeted a Southwest Airlines flight to Dallas Tuesday morning, just a day after similar threats targeted a flight coming from San Diego.

Harbor Police received notification of the threat at about 6 a.m. Tuesday morning and issued a bomb threat alert, a statement from the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority said. Authorities canceled the bomb threat alert at 7:18 a.m. and the plane was cleared by Harbor Police.

The plane threatened was scheduled to fly to Dallas from San Diego Tuesday morning, though no passengers were on board the plane when notification of the threat was received.

“Standard operating procedures for this type of incident have been activated,” the statement said. “The safety of air travelers is our top priority.”

Several bomb threats targeting Southwest Airlines flights popped up on Twitter on Monday afternoon, including one targeting a San Diego-based flight. The flight landed safely and authorities are investigating the threats.

The Airport Authority said they will continue to cooperate with authorities as they continue their investigation into the matter.

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