Athlete Turned Actor: Former NFL Star Making a Run At Hollywood

Kassim Osgood has a new role in a science fiction film

Kassim Osgood was a pretty good football player.

The former standout wide receiver for San Diego State became a professional special teams demon. Osgood went to three Pro Bowls and made one NFL All-Pro First Team as a member of the San Diego Chargers.

His 11-year NFL career ended after in 2015 and Kassim moved back to San Diego and now … he’s working in Hollywood. So far he’s doing it in a much more successful way than his former team is.

“Acting career is fun,” said Osgood, who during his playing career had smaller roles and was an extra in the Mel Gibson film We Were Soldiers. Now he’s trying to give acting a go full-time.

“I’m a rookie all over again so I get the whole freshman hazing, you know, your resume is not large enough to get this role,” said Osgood. “This industry is very hard to get into, just like football, so I love the challenge.”

Osgood may be making inroads with his latest project.

Beyond Skyline is a movie coming out in December so I’m a part of that one. I’m a big ugly alien in that one. They hide the pretty face but it’s all good. Whatever role in Hollywood you can get, you’ve gotta take it.”

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