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8 Hurt in San Diego When Car Slams Into Restaurant After Being Hit By Mustang That Ran Light

The crash at the Fresheria restaurant in the 4600 block of Logan Avenue of San Diego took place at around noon

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A Mustang ran a red light in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of San Diego on Tuesday afternoon, T-boning another car that ricocheted into a nearby restaurant, injuring several people, including a 3-year-old, taken to local hospitals afterward.

The crash at the Fresheria restaurant in the 4600 block of Logan Avenue took place at around noon, according to a spokesperson for San Diego Fire-Rescue.

Eight people were taken for treatment in the wake of the crash, including a driver and passenger in the sedan and six restaurant customers, according to the San Diego Police Department.

Among the customers was a child, who was brought to Rady Children's Hospital, the SDFD spokesperson said. The toddler is not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

Five of the others who were injured went to Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest. The remaining patients were taken to UC Medical Center, which is also in Hillcrest.

Six of the people were seriously hurt, officials said, including a customer who suffered a broken pelvis.

Investigators said at least one of the drivers ran away after the crash and was detained a short distance away.

Dash-cam footage captured by a driver waiting at a red light on 47th Street captured footage of a red 2009 Ford Mustang blowing through the light and hitting a sedan as it crossed the intersection on Logan Avenue, forcing that car up onto the sidewalk and into the restaurant while the Mustang remained in the street, steam or smoke billowing from its engine compartment.

After the wreck, the car remained inside the sandwich shop/juice bar, its driver-side door open, windshield shattered and rear-view mirror broken. On the other side of the business, yellow caution tape strung up and blocking the entrance.

Out on the street on Logan Avenue, the Mustang was still where it came to a rest in the lane closest to the restaurant, its nose pointing the wrong way, engine compartment crumpled and driver's side badly damaged.

The Mustang driver, a 60-year-old woman, ran away from the scene and was arrested nearby, according to the San Diego Police Department. She is facing a felony hit-and-run charge.

SDPD Traffic Division is handling the investigation.

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