At A Crossroads Over An Insurance Claim

NBC 7 Responds takes the wheel to help a Scripps Ranch woman with an unpaid insurance claim.

Hermilina Jimenez and her daughter were on their way to the UTC mall for a day of shopping in February of last year.

While making a left turn on La Jolla Village Drive the car in the turn lane next to her drifted into her lane, scraping the passenger side of her 2002 Volkswagen Jetta.

Jimenez and the other driver pulled onto the shoulder.

“The driver says I'm really, really sorry,” said Jiminez. “He told me he’s from out of town and was in a rental car. But he said that he was covered so everything would be ok.”

The following day Jimenez called the driver’s insurance, Nationwide, in order to file a claim. Jimenez said she left her phone number and information. Days passed and she never heard a response.

Jimenez said the first call was a month and half later.

“They called and said they could see it was not my fault but they told me they were disputing the claim regardless,” said Jimenez. “I thought, Nationwide was not on my side.”

Jimenez started listing her options.

She said she thought of small claims court but she knew that could take time,

That’s when another idea came to her.

“I'm a Consumer Bob fan,” said Jimenez. “We've been watching whatever you're doing and, you're like, Oh, my God you know you're really helping people.”

Jimenez reached out to NBC 7 Responds. We contacted Nationwide.

Two days later Jimenez said she finally got the call she was waiting for. 

“I work at night and I noticed I had a voicemail on my phone. It was from Nationwide,” said Jimenez.

Nationwide had agreed to pay the entire claim, just over $3400 to fix her Volkswagen Jetta.

Nationwide did not respond to a request for comment.

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