San Diego

AstroPrint Kickstarter Campaign Raises Goal in 3 Hours

Three hours into the online fundraising campaign, the company reported it had reached it's $10,000 goal

San Diego-based AstroPrint embarked May 9 on its second Kickstarter campaign in two years.

The business plans to bring out its AstroBox Touch, a touchscreen controller that is compatible with an estimated 80 percent of desktop 3-D printers.

The business is also releasing several new software applications for 3-D printing.

Three hours into its campaign, AstroPrint reported it had reached its $10,000 goal for AstroBox Touch, with 29½ days left to go.

AstroPrint — a graduate of the EvoNexus incubator — offers hardware, software, cloud services and an app marketplace for 3-D printing.

The proposed AstroBox Touch controller will have a 3.5-inch touchscreen. The company is promising people who pledge $100 an early version of the controller as well as lifetime access to its cloud services. The first shipment of controllers is expected in October.

AstroPrint estimates the 3-D printing market is worth $5 billion.


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