Assistance Available for Low-Income Students Interested in Tutoring Program

The Pro-Kids program, which has locations in City Heights and Oceanside, offers tutoring services, golf lessons and robotics courses

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A San Diego program that offers tutoring and golf lessons to students is offering assistance for low-income families to help them obtain the services despite the monthly fee associated with them.

Víctor Ángeles is a 13-year-old student who told Telemundo 20 he puts in a lot of effort into his studies. For some time now, he’s been a part of the Pro-Kids program, where he receives tutoring when he doesn’t understand one of his assignments.

“The students can participate in different excursions," said Karla Gómez, executive director of Pro-Kids. “They come here with us to learn.”

Gómez said the program is distinct from others that exist in San Diego County.

“It’s a place where kids can learn things that aren’t taught in school,” she said. “We focus a lot on science and the community.”

In classrooms decorated with maps and educational material, various teachers and experts in math, literature and art, among other subjects, help students who require extra help after school.

“The afternoon program is from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and for those who come in the morning, the program starts at 7:30 a.m.”

“This learning center is a support for my children’s studies, so if they have any academic problems, or if a parent doesn’t understand the work to help them, the students can be helped here,” said one mother whose son is enrolled in the Pro-Kids program.

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It costs $250 or $25 per month for each student to be enrolled, but there is help so lower-income families can participate.

“We never say no to a family who wants to participate but can’t pay for the program,” Gómez said.

There are two forms of assistance for low income parents who want their children to participate in Pro-Kids. Students can receive a 25% to 100% discount, depending on their parents’ income.

Aside from the academic help the program offers, Pro-Kids partners with a local golf course so students can stay active.

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Ángeles discovered the program because of his dreams of being a professional golfer. He’s been a part of Pro-Kids for seven years now and isn’t the only one who is realizing his ambitions with it.

Ángelito Ángeles, Víctor Ángeles’ younger brother, also attends the program to take a robotics course, which is also offered at Pro-Kids.

Pro-Kids also offers online tutoring for parents who are not comfortable sending their children to the program’s physical locations. Additionally, the director of the program said Pro-Kids has adopted strict safety measures like mandatory face masks and physical distancing to help keep everyone safe.

The program has two locations – one in City Heights and another in Oceanside. For more information on how to participate, click here or contact (619) 582-7884. Spanish-speaking representatives are also available to speak via the phone number provided.

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