San Diego

Assemblymember Todd Gloria Urges Governor Brown to Sign Gun Safety Legislation

The bill passed the state House and Senate last month

Assemblymember Todd Gloria held a press conference Wednesday urging Governor Brown to sign gun safety legislation he authored that would require weapons training for concealed weapon permit (CCW) applicants.

“This not an infringement on the Second Amendment,” Gloria assured. “We understand that’s enshrined in the Constitution, and this is not going to change that. What we’re interested in is if you want the privilege of walking around in public with a loaded gun, you should have to demonstrate some ability to do that in a fashion.”

The bill would require Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) license holders to finish eight hours of training and demonstrate proficiency with the weapon.

Some gun rights advocates, however, argue the bill, which passed the state House and Senate last month, is redundant because in San Diego a CCW permit already requires that training an applicant complete a training course. 

“The laws really don’t make the public any safer for the most part; they don’t really impede criminals because criminals by nature, that’s what they do, they don’t pay attention to laws,” Joe Drammissi, a gun rights advocate, said.

The deadline for the governor to sign the bill is Sept. 30.

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