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Aspiring Gymnast and Victim of Domestic Abuse Meets 2016 Olympian

“If you want it, you can get it,” Ahsinger said

A young aspiring gymnast impacted by domestic violence had the chance to meet an Olympic gymnast Tuesday.

Local organization Kathy's Legacy Foundation helps protect victims of domestic violence and supports survivors.

Eliya Geary was selected to be a recipient of the organization's Share The Dream program. She had lived with a physically abusive parent who is now out of the home.

“They’re kind of like a celebrity," she said, sharing her excitement over meeting 2016 Olympic gymnast Nicole Ahsinger Tuesday morning.

Geary told NBC 7 she wants to be a gymnast and has been learning most of her moves through self-teaching.

“I wanna go to the Olympics or be a teacher, a gymnastics coach when I get older,” she said.

"It’s just so much fun," she added. "I’m very flexible, I don’t know how.”

Even Ahsinger praised Geary's gymnast skills, saying it was surprising the young girl had only been training for a year.

“I was watching her jump and honestly, she’s really good,” Ahsinger told NBC 7.

She added that meeting Geary and other girls was inspiring.

“It’s not necessarily the work, it’s the sacrifice," she said.

Kathy's Legacy Foundation is also providing gymnastics lessons for Geary to help in her goal of going to the Olympics.

“If you want it, you can get it,” Ahsinger said.

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