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As Temperatures Rise, Outdoor Workers Brave the Heat

People are urged to stay cool and take it easy, but for some that is not an option

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While most of us try to stay inside on a hot day, many San Diegans are spending their workdays outside.

Jose Gomez has earned a living for his family for over 10 years working outdoors. He owns and manages his own landscaping business. 

Gomez said he provides maintenance to 10 to 12 homes on any given day. For the most part he's a one-man band, but on some days his son Elvin tags along. 

“It’s nice helping my dad because when it’s hot and he has big jobs like the one we’re doing he comes home later and sweaty,” said Elvin Gomez. “When I come he can get the job done faster.”

Hot days like Tuesday are rough, Elvin Gomez said. It's not easy working through this kind of heat, but he's more than happy to make sure his dad ins't braving it alone.

“I don’t like seeing my dad all tired and without strength to spend time with his family,” said Elvin Gomez.

For Jose Gomez, there's no other option. He has to work to support his family.

“It’s hot but we need to work, we have to do it,” said Jose Gomez.

Willy Reyes has been working in construction for six years. He says you never get used to working under extreme temperatures, and this summer has been especially hard.

“Working in the heat with a mask is hard,” said Reyes. "You can’t get that fresh air that you need."

But he says, even with the heat and the pandemic, his essential duties continue, just like Gomez. Hot or not, it's business as usual.

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