Artist Crafts Cheese Wall at U.S.-Mexico Border Out of Spoiled Cotija

The artist is renown for making perishable sculptures

An artist is making a political statement at the U.S.-Mexico border in a unique way: with cheese. 

Cosimo Cavallaro is sculpting a giant wall in Tecate, California out of spoiled cotija cheese. The project is just feet away from the border. 

"This is a wall that is perishable," said Cavallaro. "It will dissolve in time, like all walls should, because walls are fear." 

Cavallaro has been raising money through crowdfunding online. He already has 200 blocks of cotija. Each block weighs 50 pounds and costs about $100 to make. 

"I teamed up with a chemist to make a paste that we can shape into a brick," said Cavallaro. 

The goal is to make the wall 1,000 feet long and 6 feet high. 

Cavallaro is leasing the land near the border from a private owner for one year. 

"It's food so it is obvious it is a waste," said Cavallaro. "In the [border fence] you can't see the waste. The cheese wall uncovers the truth." 

The project is called 'Make America Grate Again.' 

If you would like to donate money to the cheese wall, click here. 

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