Arson Officials Investigating Series of Fires in City Heights

Investigators are looking for the person responsible for setting roughly a dozen fires in the City Heights area since the start of March. 

The most fire in the area happened around 11 p.m. Tuesday on Orange Avenue near Euclid Avenue when a suspicious fire was set in the bed of a pickup truck with a trailor attached. The person left a spray-painted pentagram on the hood. 

At this point in their investigation, fire officials do not believe the most recent fire on Orange Avenue is related to the other recent fires in the area, said Capt. Joe Amador, a public information officer with the San Diego Fire Department. He said they are unsure whether it is a copycat situation or if someone is mad at the truck owner. 

However, since the start of March, there have been roughly a doze or so fires in the area that officials are investigating. They believe those fires are connected. 

Amador said his department is making the series of City Heights fires a priority and wants everyone to know that they are hunting for the person responsible. 

On Friday morning, arson officials started investigating five fires set in City Heights within blocks of each other. A map of all the known fires officials are investigating are on the map above. 

Officials are investigating whether these fire are all connected. Amador said he is hoping the department has an update on the case in the coming days. 

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