Arrow Tears Through North County Couple's Bedroom Window

The Encinitas couple says the arrow could have killed them

It's not every day that a stray arrow comes racing through your bedroom window. That's exactly what happened to one North County couple shaken up when an arrow ripped pierced their window panes.

Gretchen Schmidt and Steve Baker told NBC 7 they were in the kitchen of their Encinitas home when they heard a loud thud coming from their bedroom.

“It was like a loud clunk on the floor,” Schmidt explained.

When they walked into the bedroom they discovered something very alarming: an arrow in the middle of the room, and their window damaged.

“It went about 6-feet into our bedroom," Schmidt said.

The couple was grateful they weren't in their bedroom when the arrow came flying in. If they had been in there, things may have turned out differently.

Every morning, Schmidt said she stands in front of the exact location where the arrow pierced the window panes. It’s a daily routine for her to open up the blinds.

“It could have hit my husband or I in the face, in our eye, and it could have killed us," she added.

The couple doesn't know where the arrow came from or why it came into their home. Schmidt told NBC 7 they were alarmed that someone in the neighborhood would even own something like that.

The couple has filed a police report; they said they hope whoever was behind the incident understands the potential dangers and is not so careless.

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