Arrests Made in Slain Sailor Case

After four agonizing months, Odom Mcallister finally got what he's been waiting for.  An arrest in the murder of his good friend and fellow sailor, Charles Kenneth Schoeneman.  

"I am relieved, everyone is relieved," Mcallister said.

Schoeneman, 32, was found stabbed to death April 14 inside his Spring Valley apartment.

"He'd have jumped on a grenade for you, he would have taken a bullet for you, he would be the first person to go instead of you," said Mcallister of his long time friend.

Two central California men were arrested Monday in connection with the case.  Jeffrey Jin Dunn and Robert Navarro, Jr. are both 22 years old and live in the town of Kingsburg, near Fresno.

Investigators won't say exactly what evidence led them to the two men, but they did say the motive appears to be "financial gain." 

Schoeneman worked at Naval Base San Diego as an operations specialist, second class. 

Both Dunn and Navarro face first degree murder charges.  They are scheduled to be arraigned in El Cajon on Wednesday.

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